The Future of

Intelligent Manufacturing

A.I. Automation specializes in helping you find a cost effective solution for any process. Don’t let the word automation scare you. Ask us about our “Robo-Temp” program that allows you to get into the automation world with cost effective, user friendly automation without a large capital investment.

Give us a call to discuss what needs you have, our experienced engineering staff will be happy to assist you.

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Today more than ever, manufacturing has become more difficult. The Department of Labor has show that over 6.9 million jobs will go unfilled and the future does not look any better. The experts at A.I. Automation have a cost affective solution for many of your people related issues, Robo-Temp!
Robo-Temp can solve many of your staffing needs and help you drive productivity, quality and efficiencies. Robo-Temp is a collaborative robot that can be used in many operations to reduce or eliminate the dependency of people in your operation. The state of the art Fanuc CRX robots can be used without safety cages in most locations and can replace the need for a human operator.

The team at A.I Automation specialize in the design, installation and use of collaborative robots. We have installed dozens of units that have help manufacturing companies drive improvements at a cost similar to what is being paid to human operators.

Give us a call and discuss your need, we would be happy to see if this technology can be used in your operation.


Finding and retaining qualified employees has become todays most challenging task. Since 2018, the experts at A.I. Automation have been designing and installing Collaborative robots that replace human associates. With the new technologies available in todays automation sectors, we can put a cost effective solution together for you.

Human Resources

  • Management for more training
  • Increased time for interviewing
  • Increased injury due to lack of job knowledge and safety
  • Managing more staffing agencies


  • Machine uptime. (lack of skill levels)
  • Decreased cycle times
  • Higher levels of scrap


  • Increase in wages to attract work force
  • Workman’s comp increase
  • Excessive overtime
  • Margin decrease

Robo-Temp Solution

  • Find low risk use for Collaborative robots to solve people issues in existing customer base
  • Use Collaborative Robots to “Right Size” workforce and reduce labor dependency
  • Use Collaborative Robots to pace work cells that have manual labor
  • Provide cost effective automation solutions.
  • Allows real time versatility and allocation with the same robot to other cells. No asset lifetime.
  • Eliminates higher cost  (technical skills) do to ease of programming and maintenance.

Product & Partner

  • AI a certified integration partner with Fanuc.
  • Fanuc’s New CRX Cobot’s are safe, flexible, and quick to program.
  • Renowned reliability and 8 Years of maintenance free operations.
  • Ability to go collaborative or non collaborative based on application.
  • Payload- 10KG
  • Time- 1500mm per second
  • Source- 110 volt
  • Reach- 1418 mm reach.


With the success TaylorMade has experienced with the install of our palletizing Robo-Temp I would strongly suggest that other manufacturing environments look at the same approach; reducing labor costs, elimination of repetitive motions and weight bearing physical complications.

Kenny Rhinehart - Director of Operations TaylorMade

First off want to say how awesome this company is to work with. Customer support has been second to none. Any issue that has came up that none of my team could figure out they were right there to help us threw it. Would also like to say if you or your business has any repetitive work from sorting, pick and place to automatic palletizing this company could definitely save you lots of labor cost with adding a few robots to help do those things. I know that if we ever come back up with another repetitive job I will definitelybe contacting them to help us out.

David Ragan - Controls Specialist

Part Placement Cell

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Epson Slide Under Scara

AI Automation solution with Epson Scara Robot

Machine Tending Installation

Ai Automation Machine Tending Solution

Machine Tending Installation

AI Automation Machine Tending Installation

Machine Tending Installation

AI Automation Machine Tending Solution

Auria Gluing Project

AI Automation worked with Auria to help them automate a gluing application

Auria Gluing Project

AI Automation worked with Auria to help them automate a gluing application

Auria Gluing Project

AI Automation worked with Auria to help them automate a gluing application

Auria Gluing Project

AI Automation worked with Auria to help them automate a gluing application

AI Automation

The Future of Intelligent Manufacturing